Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools

    70 Artists creating Art on Mobile devices

    The intent of this book is to clearly communicate how to create art on mobile devices, with multiple techniques taught by multiple experts. The reader will experience the art-making process through the eyes of 70 different artists so they too can apply these various techniques, and become inspired to make their own mobile art.

    The book has a Cyclops, Satyrs, Mummies, Pixies, a Whale, an Octopus, Bunnies, Birds, Cats, Ants, a Dragon, a baby, Christians, Muslims, Jews, two Zen Buddhists, Romance, Violence, political upheaval and examples of moral fortitude.

    The 70 artists are from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Herzegovina, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia and all over the USA. There are young students through retired teachers, film directors, art directors, media makers and many, many established artists, all united by mobile devices and Flickr.

    What kind of art do you like? The Artists in this book are Realististic, Impressionistic, Abstract, Surrealist, Dadist, Expressionist, Pop, Digital, Process, Tech, Photographic, Collage, Photomontage, Cartoon, and Conceptual. How do you like your Mobile Digital Art?

    This book will be available for purchase everywhere in the Spring of 2013 in printed and electronic versions. A printed version, signed by the author, will be available here on this site and is available to order now!

    Sample Chapter

    Photo of "Old Bridge of Mostar" by Roberta Barbarić

    Old Bridge of Mostar by Roberta Barbarić


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    Table Of Content


    Table of contents

    About the Author
    Introduction : What defines iPhone Art?

    It’s all about the Apps……. Not!

    Mobile Digital Art /  Art History

    What Defines Mobile Digital Art

    The Sections

    Mobile Art Observations  by Michael Nourse

    Mobile Art Fundamentals by Craig Newsom

    In the beginning was a drawing…(Thoughts on drawing and binary code) by David Stern

    Section 1 Intro The Painters
    Chapter 1,   Corliss Blakely
    Chapter 2,   Thierry Schiel
    Chapter 3,   Patricio Villarroel
    Chapter 4,   Luis Peso
    Chapter 5,   Barbara Ripepi
    Chapter 6,   Benjamin Rabe
    Chapter 7,   Robert Dawson
    Chapter 8,   Mathieu Reynes
    Chapter 9,   Necojita
    Chapter 10,  Sam Tang
    Chapter 11,  Matthew Watkins
    Chapter 12,  Dan Hoffman
    Chapter 13,  Gabriel Palacios Badillo
    Chapter 14,  David Stern
    Chapter 15,  Cedric Philippe
    Chapter 16,  Helene Goldberg
    Chapter 17,  Jose Andres Guijarro Ponce
    Chapter 18,  Stephane Kardos
    Chapter 19,  Deborah McMillion
    Chapter 20,   Salvador Navarro
    Chapter 21,   Borjo Aizpun
    Chapter 22,   Kara Jansson Kovacev
    Chapter 23,   Craig Newsom
    Chapter 24,   Roberta Kapsalis
    Chapter 25,   Nini Lapuz
    Chapter 26,   Benoit Baude
    Chapter 27,   Joey Livingston
    Chapter 28,   Rita Flores
    Chapter 29,   Fernando Lodez del Hierro
    Chapter 30,   Michael Ives
    Chapter 31,   Kevin Barba
    Chapter 32,   Mike Miller
    Chapter 33,   William Kass
    Chapter 34,   Amy Nelp
    Chapter 35,   Valerie Beeby
    Chapter 36,   Marcella Donagemma
    Chapter 37,   David Navas
    Chapter 38,   Miguel Brambila
    Chapter 39,   Rino Larsen
    Chapter 40,   Noel Martinez
    Chapter 41,   Kyle Lambert
    Chapter 42,   Mic Rees
    Chapter 43,   Xoan Baltar
    Chapter 44    Matthew Connors
    Chapter 45   John Bavaro
    Chapter 46,   Russ Croop

    Section 2 Intro / Photography/Photomontage/Collage

    Chapter 47,  Willie Cole
    Chapter 48,  Knox Bronson
    Chapter 49,  Andrea Mdos
    Chapter 50,  Betsy Nagler
    Chapter 51,  Mauro Ballabeni
    Chapter 52,  Thomas Marino
    Chapter 53,  Maia Panos
    Chapter 54,  Tony Cece
    Chapter 55,  Jose Chavarry
    Chapter 56,  Alex Acevedo
    Chapter 57,  Sean Sheridan
    Chapter 58,  Lucy Sheridan
    Chapter 59,  Mike Garofalo
    Chapter 60,  Cindy Patrick
    Chapter 61,  Julian Wigley
    Chapter 62,  Jan Uiterwijk
    Chapter 63,  Ben Oshman
    Chapter 64,  iquanyin moon
    Chapter 65,  Christine Finkelson
    Chapter 66,  Mike Highmead
    Chapter 67,  David Scott Leibowitz