Using the iPad and iPhone as Creative Tools

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  • Mobile Digital Art, Book Cover

This book shows the artist or the art novice how to approach these devices with the intention of creating their own art.

It also documents this art movement that sprang up simultaneously around the world, the artists who's work defined the movement and the artwork that someday will be regarded as the first Mobile Art Masterpieces.

iPhone/iPad Art

70 Artists creating Art on Mobile devices

The intent of this book is to clearly communicate how to create art on mobile devices, with multiple techniques taught by multiple experts. The reader will experience the art-making process through the eyes of 70 different artists so they too can apply these various techniques, and become inspired to make their own mobile art.

The book has a Cyclops, Satyrs, Mummies, Pixies, a Whale, an Octopus, Bunnies, Birds, Cats, Ants, a Dragon, a baby, Christians, Muslims, Jews, two Zen Buddhists, Romance, Violence, political upheaval and examples of moral fortitude.

The 70 artists are from France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Herzegovina, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, Australia and all over the USA. There are young students through retired teachers, film directors, art directors, media makers and many, many established artists, all united by mobile devices and Flickr.

What kind of art do you like? The Artists in this book are Realististic, Impressionistic, Abstract, Surrealist, Dadist, Expressionist, Pop, Digital, Process, Tech, Photographic, Collage, Photomontage, Cartoon, and Conceptual. How do you like your Mobile Digital Art?

This book will be available for purchase everywhere in the Spring of 2013 in printed and electronic versions. A printed version, signed by the author, will be available here on this site and is available to order now!